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We help schools use technology successfully.

International EdTech - Leadership ConsultationInternational EdTech - Leadership Consultation

Leadership Consultation

Executive training for school leadership on the complexities of technology in schools.

International EdTech - Readiness AssessmentsInternational EdTech - Readiness Assessments

Readiness Assessments

Technology audits of schools' EdTech systems to identify avenues for strategic improvement.

International EdTech - Strategic PlanningInternational EdTech - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Roadmaps for effective and sustainable uses of technology across the school.

International EdTech - Systems DesignInternational EdTech - Systems Design

Systems Design

Holistic data systems that meet academic and operational needs of the school.

International EdTech - Vendor ConsultationInternational EdTech - Vendor Consultation

Vendor Consultation

Helping EdTech companies improve their products and meet the needs of schools.

International EdTech About Us

International EdTech is a consulting firm focused on helping school leadership and governance to understand, design, and leverage Educational Technology to improve teaching and learning, school operations, and data usage.

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International EdTech - Services

International EdTech offers training and advice on school-wide technology for school leadership and governance, technology audits for schools, strategic planning for sustainability, data systems design, and consultation for EdTech vendors.

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International EdTech - Portfolio

International EdTech has worked with Ministries of Education, schools, curriculum boards, and Educational Technology vendors in a variety of consulting projects. We have done work in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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We help schools around the world use technology successfully.
International EdTech - Services 1

We train school leadership and governance to understand the complexities and the potential of Educational Technology.


International EdTech - Services 2

We conduct technology audits of a school’s technological ecology to determine areas of improvement and readiness for digital learning.


International EdTech - Services 4

We work with senior leaders and board members to write strategic plans that outline a sustainable roadmap for effective technology use across the school.


International EdTech - Services 3

We use systems level thinking and data science to design holistic data systems that meet academic and operational needs of the school.


Key Benefits

Technology in schools in a must these days. Whether to improve learning, meet parent demands, meet the challenge of progress, or run our schools efficiently, technology is part of the life of the school. We help school leadership and EdTech companies at the highest and deepest levels.

  • We help schools understand the touch points of technology
  • We help schools evaluate their institutions
  • We help schools strategically plan for the future
  • We help companies learn about international education
  • We help schools and companies speak the right language about tech

Frequently Asked Questions

We draw upon our extensive experience running technology programs in schools (both academic and operational) to help school leadership learn about EdTech, evaluate their schools and strategically plan.

Few EdTech consultants help school leaders learn about the breadth of EdTech in school, instead of focusing on user training or program implementation. We focus on the ecology technology use in the school, from academics to leadership, operations, and data systems.

We have experience in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East. Though we work across timezone with virtual conferencing and are willing to travel globally.


Key services for academic, operational, and leadership uses of technology in schools
from the breadth of our experience and our global knowledge of technology and education.

We help school boards and senior leadership understand the scope of technology’s potential to enhance learning and improve operational efficiency.


We work with school leadership to design learning technology programs, information technology infrastructures, and data systems for long term sustainable excellence.


We help governance and leadership understand the innovations found in contemporary technology based teaching and learning, while helping them embrace innovative practices in budgeting, evaluation, and planning.



Apple Distinguished Educator

Apple Distinguished Educator

Google for Education Certified Innovator

Google for Education
Certified Innovator

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Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

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Common Sense Media Ambassador

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We can help your school leadership leverage technology to improve teaching, learning, operations, and the use of data.

We work with clients all over the world, either virtually or in person. Please contact us wherever you are (or will be on your travels) worldwide. We will arrange a mutually agreeable time to talk, regardless of our timezones.