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Partnership Between 21st Century Learning International and International EdTech

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between 21st Century Learning International (21CLI) and International EdTech.

Through this partnership, International EdTech and 21CLI will increase the EdTech offerings and services to schools and companies in Asia and Globally. International EdTech will serve as a partner for educational technology consulting, allowing 21CLI to increase their service offerings and depth of knowledge in the region. Further, International EdTech will help increase the range and depth of influence 21CLI enjoys with teachers, parents, leaders, and students in the region by promoting the events, services, and media 21CLI offers. Clients and conference attendees for both International EdTech and 21CLI should see an even richer experience in their interactions with the two organizations.

International EdTech, led by Matt Harris, Ed.D., offers consultancy services on anything related to technology within a school or district, including but not limited to:

  1. Leadership consultation in educational technology
  2. Auditing and strategic planning IT, learning technology, and data usage
  3. Data systems design and implementation
  4. Technology related curriculum and professional development

21CLI is dedicated to “building communities of learners” through educational events, Teachmeets, and certified professional development for teachers in Asia, including by not limited to:

  1. Annual 21st Century Learning Conference Hong Kong (21CLHK) – Hong Kong
  2. Annual Global Educational Leadership Summit Conference (GELS) – Bangkok
  3. 21st Century Learning Teachmeets
  4. ISTE Certified Educator Training

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International EdTech is an Educational Technology Consulting company committed to helping all schools around the world use technology successfully. They do this through consulting with schools and organizations to help with informed decision making, improved information technology, robust data systems, and purposeful use of technology for learning.

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21st Century Learning International (21CLI) was founded in 2008 by highly experienced educators to focus on our mission of “Building Communities of Learners”.We do this by facilitating a variety of educational initiatives including conferences, research, consulting services and professional development; all with an emphasis on best practice and innovation in learning and teaching. 21CLI is also the only ISTE (International Society of Technology Education) Certified Authorized Provider (CAP) providing the Certified Educator Training outside of the USA.

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Published: 7 March, 2019