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We offer EdTech consulting, planning, and evaluation services to schools and companies.

We offer EdTech training and consultation services for schools,
districts, Ministries of Education, and Educational Technology companies.
International EdTech - Services 1

We offer executive training for school leadership and governance to help them understand the complexities and the potential of Educational Technology.


International EdTech - Services 2

We work with senior leadership and board members on strategic planning and readiness assessments to develop a roadmap for sustainable EdTech in the school.


International EdTech - Digital Citizenship

We use our award winning Digital Citizenship program to integrate digital citizenship into all grades and subject areas without requiring additional instructional time.


Data Systems Design

We use systems level thinking and data science to design holistic data systems that meet academic and operational needs of the school.


We offer educational technology training in several digital tools and systems, including certified training from Microsoft and Google.


International EdTech - Services - Vendor Consultation

We help Educational Technology companies and service providers better understand how to get traction for their products in schools.


Additional Consulting Services

We are available for presentations or keynotes on EdTech topics related leadership, usage of technology in the classroom, and long term planning. We also hold workshops on specific technologies, pedagogic development, and Digital Citizenship.

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We offer consultation on the development and evaluation of one-to-one student device programs, including curriculum design, teacher training, logistics, and IT operations.

Drawing upon our experience implementing and running BYOD programs, we offer consultation on program design, curriculum, logistics, and teacher training. We also help deal with the complexities of BYOD in international schools.

We draw upon our experience working with EdTech programs around the world to author polices and program documentation that draw upon best practices at other schools and the needs of the institution.

We connect with our global network of schools, educators, and vendors to help schools author appropriate job advertisements and fill their positions with highly qualified candidates.

We use our experience with in and with international schools, accrediting bodies, regional international schools organizations, and international educators to advice schools and companies on the uniqueness of international education.