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Digital Citizenship Integration

Integrating Digital Citizenship across the school using an award winning program.

We use our award winning Digital Citizenship program to help schools
integrate Digital Citizenship into all subject areas and grade levels.

Digital Citizenship

International EdTech has developed an award winning Digital Citizenship program for schools that integrates digcit content into all grades and subject areas without requiring additional instructional time.

With our Digital Citizenship program, we provide:

  • Train and certify teachers as DigCit educators
  • Help integrate Digital Citizenship into existing curriculum across all grade levels
  • Deliver workshops for leadership, parents, students, and teachers
  • Review and revise all policies related to Digital Citizenship
  • Create a program that is sustainable by the school and easy to manage at a low cost

We have implemented these programs across Asia and been featured in multiple conferences based on the approach we’ve taken for inclusivity of Digital Citizenship across the school.

Digital Citizenship Integration
Digital Citizenship Integration
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Bisa Awards 2018
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