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Planning & Assessment

Technology planning and audits of schools' EdTech systems for strategic improvement.

We offer strategic planning and assessment of information technology (IT) provisions, educational technology services, and data systems.
Educational Technology Audit

Planning and Assessment

International EdTech provides strategic and operational planning for schools as well as evaluations and audits of existing conditions.

Strategic plans draw upon best practice and industry standards to create a roadmap for operational and academic technology at the school. These plans typically include an evaluation of existing conditions of the school and community, aspirations for growth, and realistic goal setting. Many school will engage in this type of planning at the commencement of an EdTech initiative or to revitalize one. We find that informed strategic planning is critical for EdTech success and sustainability at a school.

Tech Audits and EdTech Evaluations utilize evaluation tools to determine quality of technology at a school. With a Tech Audit, International EdTech will evaluate the IT, operational systems, data systems, and infrastructure found at the school to identify areas of need. In an EdTech Evaluation, we will assess the efficacy of the academic uses of technology for learning across the school curriculum and with students, teachers, and parents. Both systems are designed to inform planning and systemic improvement.

With either strategic planning or evaluation, International EdTech will work with key members of the school community and conduct onsite work to gain the best understanding of the institution and its needs.

Key Benefits of this Service

The largest mistake schools, districts, and companies make with Educational Technology is jumping into a program or endeavor without sufficient planning. It is critical for educational institutions to assess their current capacity and plan strategically with regard to anything related to EdTech. Our Planning and Assessment service will:

  • Identify the current strengths and areas of growth within the school’s technology
  • Develop a roadmap for policy, procedure, and develop in academic technology
  • Outline a plan for IT infrastructure and device provisioning
  • Identify the needs and requirement for a robust data system
  • Establish a budget and measures of success for technology in the school
Strategic Planning Success Factors