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EdTech Training

Training on EdTech systems and digital tools for educators and school leadership.

We offer EdTech training for educators, administrators, and IT personnel
in Educational Technology products and services.

EdTech Training

Drawing upon nearly 20 years of EdTech training and coaching, International EdTech offers Educational Technology training in a number of technology tools and learning experiences.

We offer training with technologies found in schools, including:

  • Apple hardware and software
  • Google and G-Suite products
  • Microsoft products and services
  • Product specific tools, such as Finalsite or BSD Academy

We also have experience working with teachers, administrators, and students in integration of technology into learning, digital citizenship, digital literacy for students, digital literacy for teachers, information literacy, and curriculum design and assessment.

Our trainings can be delivered onsite and in-person or remotely through any number of video conferencing applications.

Unlike most edtech training offered by trainings working in schools, we are available to provide training during the school day.

EdTech Training
EdTech Training

Key Training Offers

Our training includes operational and academic focused uses of technology. We tailor the training to meet specific needs of the group or long term goals of the school or organization.

For academic training we employ our “Learning How” vs. “Learning About” model of professional development. In our “Learning How” sessions, educators and leaders will learn the functional uses of the technology from a user perspective. (i.e. how to create spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel). With our “Learning About” sessions, participants will focus on the learning aspects of the technology, blending both theory and application of knowledge so training can be use immediately with learners. (i.e. using spreadsheets to track animal populations and show trends in a Biology class)

We also offer operational training on products and services to help IT departments. These trainings include:

  • Product specific training
  • Leadership and planning training for IT personnel
  • Systems planning and configuration
  • Assistance with corporate certification
Google For Education Certified Trainer
Google for Education Certified Trainer
Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer
Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer