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International EdTech - Services - Leadership ConsultationInternational EdTech - Services - Leadership Consultation

Leadership Consultation

Executive training for school leadership on the complexities of technology in schools.

We offer executive training for school leadership and governance to help them
understand the complexities and the potential of Educational Technology.

Leadership Consultation

Drawing upon nearly 20 years of experience in Senior Leadership in schools, International EdTech provides consultation, advice, and briefing of the full scope of technology’s impact on a school or set of schools. These briefings are typically held with school leadership, Ministries of Education, or School Boards looking to gain greater understanding of the role of technology in school and what is required to be successful.

Consultations can include:

  • Discussions around operational needs
  • Academic uses of technology
  • Data usage
  • EdTech trends and best practices
  • Planning, budgeting, and sustainability planning.

Such consultation can be provided in person or remotely.

Leadership Consultation
Leadership Consultation

Major Items in a Typical School Budget

Personnel and Benefits 0

Facilities and Maintenance 0


Materials and Supplies 0

Communications and Marketing 0

Other 0

Key Benefits of this Service

School leadership and governance often suffers from a glut of experience with technology in schools. As this is often the 3rd largest budgetary line item (behind personnel and facilities), it is critical that leadership have the resources and knowledge they need in this area. Our Leadership Consultation service will:

  • Help leadership understand all of the touchpoints of technology in the school
  • Strategically plan for learning outcomes and operational objectives
  • Identify areas of growth within the school
  • Provide resources and connections for improved decision making
  • Build long term competencies for greater understanding and growth