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Data Systems DesignData Systems Design

Data Systems Design

Holistic data systems that meet academic and operational needs of the school.

We provide data systems design for schools to help leverage operational
and academic systems for improved decision making and efficiency
Systems Design
Systems Design

Data Systems Design

International EdTech can help design and develop an ecosystem of data systems at a school, district, or network of schools. This includes all operational and academic systems and the tools required to connect their data.

With our experience in the EdTech industry and in working with schools, we provide:

  • Evaluation of existing systems, data, and workflows
  • Analysis and recommendation of available data systems on the market
  • Suggestions for integration of system to meet operational and academic needs
  • Implementation and vendor management of individual systems

Further, we have partners that can provide data dashboards, centralized databases, and training on the entire data ecology.

Key Benefits of this Service

Data and data systems in schools are the most complicated and vital parts of school operations and academics. A large portion of schools have difficulty assembling cohesive data ecologies. With our systems design service, we will help schools solve this problem by:

  • Helping leadership understand the overview of their data systems
  • Analyzing and improving workflows to increase efficiency with data
  • Implementing systems that best fit the needs of the school
  • Constructing data management and security policies
  • Developing data based decision processes to improve learning outcomes
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