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International EdTech - Educational Technology ConsultingInternational EdTech - Educational Technology Consulting

About Us

We help school leadership and governance leverage EdTech for school improvement.

We want all schools to use technology successfully.

International EdTech is an Educational Technology Consulting company committed to helping all schools around the world use technology successfully. We do this through consulting with schools and organizations to help with informed decision making, improved information technology, robust data systems, and purposeful use of technology for learning.

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Experience and Offerings

International EdTech was established in 2013 to offer educational technology
(EdTech) consulting services to schools, boards, heads, and Ministries of Education. We have worked in over 10 different countries on 4 continents offering specific advice and services to schools and educators.

Our main focus is leadership support in using technology for operations, learning, evaluation, and strategic planning. We educate and work with schools to develop Educational Technology programs spanning all areas of technology within schools. Please view our portfolio for a select list of our work to date.

Beyond our work with leadership, we help Educational Technology companies better match their products and services with schools. We also help develop technology specific learning programs, such as our award-winning cross-curricular Digital Citizenship program, and conduct audits of existing programs. Finally, we offer speaking and training services, including workshops and keynotes at conference and large-scale teacher or parent professional development.

Learn more about the services we offer.


International EdTech is formally affiliated with the following organizations:

CIS Affliliated Consultant
21st Century Learning International

We also maintain associations with several educational consulting firms. Through these connections, we share resources and contacts to ensure clients receive the best services to meet their needs. If you have need for the following services, please contact us and we will introduce you to one of our connected partners:

  • School Board Training and Consultation
  • Head of School Search
  • Executive Coaching
  • ESL/EAL Program Management and Teacher Training
  • Child Protection Training, Risk Assessment, and Crisis Management
  • School Design and Construction
  • Government Relations
  • School Auditing
  • Pedagogic and Curriculum Specific Professional Development
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Matt Harris, Ed.D.
Profile: Matt Harris, Ed.D.

Dr. Matt Harris is the Owner and Chief Consultant for International EdTech. He has worked as a Technology Director at four schools in Asia and North America. Dr. Harris has taught math and ICT to all grade levels from pre-school to graduate school.

Dr. Matt Harris has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science, a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Education (Instructional Technology), and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership. He holds a teaching credential in secondary education in Industrial and Technology Education, a level 2 administrative services credential, and a Cross-Cultural, Language, and Academic Development Certificate. He has experience with the PYP, MYP, and DP programs of the International Baccalaureate (IB), as well as US, German, International Primary (IPC) and (i)GCSE curricula.

Alongside ongoing governance roles, Dr. Harris has served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and as a member of the Panel of Experts for the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report.

Dr. Harris is a frequent author and presenter. Click here to access his blog, presentations, and publications.

Connect with Dr. Harris:
MattHarrisEdD Twitter
Matt Harris, Ed.D. LinkedIn
Matt Harris, Ed.D. Blog, Vlog, Presentations, Publications
Professional Recognitions

We have been recognized with the following certifications:

Apple Distinguished Educator

Apple Distinguished

Google for Education Certified Innovator

Google for Education
Certified Innovator

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Common Sense Media Ambassador 2019-2020

Common Sense Media Ambassador

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer

Google For Education Certified Trainer

Google For Education Certified Trainer