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“Matt, his team and network bring a totally unique blend of professional industry technology experience, decades of in class and education leadership with a knowledge of the application of the latest standards in a rapidly changing educational technology landscape. We have teams based globally and they have been able to get advice round the clock for an ever evolving and improving product and commercial offering.”

Chris Geary
BSD Education
Hong Kong

“I think [International EdTech] considered the contexts for which you were writing very seriously, and your collective knowledge of international schools really helps with projects coming from organizations like mine.”

Pilar Quezzaire
International Baccalaureate
The Netherlands

“I like that there was an audit of our current situation/practices, then during the visit talked with teachers/admin/students, asked the tough questions, pushed people to answer these questions and helped us to form a roadmap for moving forward. This was a great start and look forward to continued work with Matt.”

Bruce Roadside
Hong Kong Academy
Hong Kong

“Dr. Harris has worked with us to enrich our training and focus it on the most important needs in today’s international schools. His wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the EDTech world including School needs and challenges will help us better support our customer base in the upcoming years. “

Suzanne Suraya

“The fact that we could design the CPD to our own specifications and that Matt was able to deliver sessions that generated genuinely useful curriculum content [was the part of the service I valued the most.] I am very much hoping to enjoy on ongoing relationship with International EdTech to drive forward our digital learning.”

Richard Marchant
New English School, Kuwait

“Matt Harris is one of the few edtech leaders with an international lens – able to deftly balance the ever-changing triad of innovation, infrastructure and implementation.

Rod Berger
MindRocket Media Group

“Many teachers present at the conference commented that Matt’s keynote deepened their understanding of 21st century skills and broadened their vision of the purpose of education. The principals appreciated Matt’s explanation of the three stages of education technology implementation. Curriculum in the 21st century should follow a backward design, with 21st century skills as the end goal, but also incorporating traditional means of assessment.”

Zhengguo Jin
Onion Math

“Matt was able to demonstrate his knowledge of how school organizations work, coupled with suggestions and solutions to the most recent challenges that Digital Literacy presents for students, teachers and parents.”

Patrick McMahon
Victoria Shanghai Academy
Hong Kong

“Matt began his consultation with us with an open mind to our school’s unique education mission and its attendant technology implementation needs. After a lot of listening and some very pointed questions, he was then able to help us design a well defined, well reasoned, multi-step approach to meeting those needs. Importantly, Matt recognises that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to technology integration in schools and we walked away with solutions which we feel are highly relevant to our specific circumstances and education priorities.”

Chasen Stahl
AOBA Japan International School

“[We liked Dr. Harris’] expertise and insights into the American education system and the Indonesia education system, particularly with regards to digital transformation. “

Richard Pederson
Economist Intelligence Unit

“[We found most valuable Dr. Harris’s] comprehensive lecture (keynote) on innovation in education and the future of schooling. Also, his professional exchange and inspiration with directors and professional teams. We are looking forward to continue collaboration and joint educational projects.”

Yoel Rothschild
ORT Israel

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